RADtext version 4.15.3 no longer requires a License Key for Server. Download and install version 4.15.1, then download and overwrite the files found in "RADtext-4.15.3.zip" in the program folder.

RADtext is a simple, free, and easy-to-use software application that empowers radio beyond voice.

Exchange text and status data messages between client computers and radios, receive real-time emergency, priority alerts, and map GPS coordinates; or, page LRS Guest, Coaster Call, Star, and Alphanumeric pagers.

RADtext includes six modules: Server, Client, Notify, Pager, Command, and Help.


RADtext Server controls all communications with Client, Notify, and Command, sending and receiving internal UDP Messages. The computer running Server sends and receives all Serial communication through the control station radio.

With an audio-attached RIGblaster connected to the control station radio, Server supports text-to-speech transmission, where a computer-generated, voice-based Assistance Message is sent from Notify.

Optionally, a TCP Listener Port can be enabled with a specified TCP port allowing third-party applications to send a Message through an addressed network data packet. The received Message is added directly to the Queue.


RADtext Client provides end-user functionality to send and receive Messages, Status Notifications, GPS coordinates, and view CID information. Client directly communicates with Server.


RADtext Notify offers a software-based callbox, permitting a user to send a text-based or computer-generated, voice-based Assistance Message to a specified Radio or Group for notification. Upon the execution of Notify, the Assistance Message is not sent until the Assistance Button is clicked.

Notify enters a mode to repeat the Assistance Message as configured, and is designed to resend the Assistance Message for the specified Repeat number or until assistance arrives. The Clear Message is sent upon the close of the dialog after the Verification Message, if specified, prompts the user with Yes/No verification.


RADtext Pager sends Pages through a connected LRS Interface Transmitter to Guest (such as Coaster Call), Star, or Alphanumeric pagers with a number of pre-defined modes, including pre-defined Alpha Messages.

If using LRSN, or Long Range Systems Network, network-based protocol to attached to a Pager Transmitter, multiple instances of Pager can be used simultaneously from different computers.

RADtext supports a simultaneous connection to multiple (up to 3) LRSN network-attached Pager Transmitters from one Pager instance, for simulcast capability, where paging covers multiple buildings or locations.

Optional Anti Theft Mode enables functionality to send a valid Page signal every 10 seconds to prevent pagers from sounding, providing indication when pagers leave the premises or are out of range of the Pager Transmitter.


RADtext Command utilizes command-line prompt to send Message data to Server, or from a third-party application.


RADtext Help provides basic command-line help for Command.

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