Barrett 4050 Go Kit - Part 1


For some time now, I've had an idea to create a Go Kit (or sometimes called a "Shack-in-a-Box") to better mobilize the Barrett 4050 for amateur radio use with other necessary components, such as an antenna tuner and sound card device.

The Barrett 4050 RDFS system, which is a rapidly deployable option for field personnel and is offered as a product in their commercial catalog, has been my inspiration to design an amateur radio version.

Barrett 4050 RDFS System


I used Microsoft Excel to document my ideas and work out the exact possible placement of each piece of equipment. Having been a customer and continued to research the possibilities offered by the team at NovexComm, I knew there was room to be creative in finding the most functional layout.

The highlighted rack units were to be provided by NovexComm, where the 2U rack shelf for the Barrett 4050 and 4022 Power Supply is a ready-made product offered by Barrett in their Commercial Catalogue.

At first, I was trying to fit the equipment (just the light, radio, and power supply) into a 2U or 4U case, but eventually landed on including the LDG AT-200Pro II, Barrett Loudspeaker, and Tigertronics SignaLink USB into the a 6U case.

Be sure to check out the NovexComm Gallery.


NovexComm 1U 2 Meter Blank Center (with a Clock on the left and Digital Voltmeter on the right, Magnetic Mic centered)

Barrett 19” Standard Rack Mount Kit for 4050/4022

NovexComm Custom 2U Rack Shelf

Custom Rack Shelf

NovexComm custom designed a 2U rack shelf for the LDG AT-200Pro II, Barrett Loudspeaker, and Tigertronics SignaLink USB. The shelf (rack tray) will also accommodate a Barrett BoB (or Break Out Box) and a West Mountain RIGrunner 4005 behind the front equipment for rear panel access.

The Barrett BoB was developed to provide Ethernet and two antenna connections for the Barrett 4050 and was discontinued in 2019 as other available parts provided the same functionality.

The West Mountain RIGrunner 4050 will connect power to auxiliary equipment, such as the LDG AT-200Pro II and digital clock/voltmeter displays.

Equipment can be mounted on a shelf-less panel using a rivet-nut/threaded insert tool, however, with my setup, there is not enough room on the panel for wing brackets to mount the LDG AT-200Pro II as a shelf-less panel.

The Barrett Loudspeaker is taken apart and the rack panel is then sandwiched with the two parts of the speaker, then the speaker is screwed back together.

Stay Tuned for the Build!